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Executive Director

Darlene Tooley - Ext. 120

Is the original administrator, contracting officer, grants and contract compliance, human resources, legislative advocacy, liason to tribes, agencies and organizaions.


Management Department

Emily James, Housing Manager- Ext.128

Oversees a variety of issues such as annual inspections, lease violations, lease compliance monitoring, and works closely with the resident issues committee.


Christine De Los Santos , Management Department Assistant- Ext. 122

Is responsible for maintaining Rental Assistance Program, verifies income, processes requests for payments.


Scott Maidrand, Housing Inspector- Ext. 117

Responsible for all on-site annual inspections and off reservation rental assistance inspections.


Occupancy and Collections Department

Myra Wallace, Occupancy Manager- Ext. 115

Maintains tenant accounts receivable for all on-site residents. Manages all tenant collection activities, processes annual re-certifications.


Christian Luiz, Network Administrator/Program Tech- Ext. 113

Manages the computer network, maintains computer systems and backups.

Eliste Diaz, Receptionist/Clerk- Ext. 110

Is responsible for answering and screening all telephone calls, processes all incoming and out going mail.


Maintenance Department

Robert Long, Maintenance/Modernization Manager- Ext. 131

Manages department budgets and modernization/renovation projects for all sites.


Barbara Crabtree, Maintenance Administrative Assistant- Ext. 130

Process work orders, schedules appoinment for maintenance repairs, post miscellaneous tenant payments.


Construction Department

, Construction Department Manager- Ext.

Provides inspections for new construction and housing rehab, evaluates rehab needs and monitors construction projects.


Moriah McGill, Construction Dept. Program Assistant- Ext. 112

Process rehab applications, preparing enviromental records for rehab projects, solicit vendors for construction bids.


Fiscal Department

Lacie McCormack, Fiscal Officer- Ext. 121
Maintains all budget and financial records of the organization in compliance with HUD regulations and GAAP standards.


Myra Nevarez, Fiscal Assistant- Ext. 116

Maintains Accounts Payable, processing payroll and travel arrangements.


Michelle Merrifield, Records Clerk- Ext. 123

Maintains filing systems, performs clerical support to all departments and assists receptionist.


Education and Supportive Services

Dana Novoa, Education & Supportive Services Coordinator- Ext. 111

Is the primary contact for the first-time homebuyer assistance, she is also knowledgeable in money management, financial literacy, default and forclosure issues.







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