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The Construction Department is responsible to implement new construction, rehabilitation and inspection projects of homes located both on and off reservation for our member Tribes. Each Tribe has its own specific policies, eligibility requirements and establishes the funding levels for all services. The Construction Department is the point of contact for all aspects of these programs, including site evaluation, environmental compliance, procurement and contract administration. The Construction Department’s focus is on homes that are not owned and managed by NCIHA, including tribally owned, privately owned, conveyed mutual help and others. The Construction Department when feasible coordinates closely with the Maintenance Department, using the force account work crews to complete projects that are within their expertise and availability. This provides an opportunity for the crew to continue working and avoid layoffs and also complete projects at lower costs than the traditional contracting process.

Housing Rehabilitation

Northern Circle Indian Housing Authority operates housing rehabilitation and replacement program services for member Tribes who include this as an eligible activity in the annual Indian Housing Plan.

Housing Rehabilitation is provided to both on and off reservation homes as determined by Tribal policy. Applicants must meet income eligibility criteria, own their home and be a member of a tribe who offers the program. Rehabilitation services range from emergency repairs to overall modernization of existing units, again based upon the Tribes policy and funding availability. Some Tribes provide an opportunity for replacement of sub-standard housing that is economically infeasible to rehab to a standard condition.