Up to 12 months of Emergency Rental and Utility assistance (current and past due) to eligible households living in the private market or NCIHA managed homes within the United States. Funds are received by NCIHA through the U.S. Department of Treasury and are administered through NCIHA’s Resident Services Department.

  Must be a Member of one of NCIHA’s Consortium Tribes (membership is verified) –

Guidiville Indian Rancheria • Hopland Band of Pomo Indians • Manchester Band of Pomo Indians • Mooretown Rancheria of Tyme Maidu Indians • Sherwood Valley Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians • Tyme Maidu Tribe of Berry Creek Rancheria

  Must be income-qualified to receive services (income is verified). Cannot exceed 80% of the Area Median Income
•  $43,960 to $82,896 (dependent upon household size) – For example, income limits for a family of 4 is not to exceed $62,800
•  Income limits available for your viewing on our website
•  Must have experienced a loss of income, increase of expenses or loss of employment due to the COVID-19 outbreak

Current and Past Due Rent and Utility payments directly paid to the landlord (in the private market or NCIHA managed home) and or utility company. Eligible Utility payments include – 

•  Water, Sewer, Electricity, Trash, and Home Heating (i.e. Gas, Wood/Pellets and Oil)

Eligible household may receive up to 12 months of rental assistance and utility assistance (Past Due payments are included within the 12 months of assistance).

• Cannot exceed the income limits

• Mortgage payments and Phone bills are ineligible

• Must submit a signed lease to receive Rental Assistance

• Utility Bills must be under the name of the Head or Co-Head of the Household

• Past Due payments can not go farther back than March 13, 2020


NCIHA staff are happy to help! 

Christine De Los Santos – NCIHA Resident Services Dept. Manager – – 707.468.1336 ext. 122 – 707.367.0824 (cell) 

Eliste Diaz – NCIHA Resident Services Specialist – – 707.468.1336 ext. 128 – 707.367.9958 (cell) 

Katie Silva – NCIHA Emergency Rental Assist. Program Specialist – – 707.468.1336 ext. 118

Melodee Brusha – NCIHA Emergency Rental Assist. Program Specialist – – 707.468.1336 ext. 114

Susan McCoy – NCIHA Emergency Rental Assist. Program Specialist – – 707.468.1336. ext. 119