Manchester/ Point Arena Band of Pomo Indians Emergency Assistance FAQ 

Who is Eligible?

Must be an enrolled tribal member of Manchester/ Point Arena Band of Pomo Indians (membership is verified)

Must be income-qualified to receive services (income is verified). Cannot exceed 80% of the Area Median Income – $43,960 to $82,896 (dependent upon household size) – For example, income limits for a family of 4 is not to exceed $62,800 – Income limits available for your viewing on our website

What is Emergency Assistance?

Emergency Assistance is a ONE TIME payment to help in emergency situations or with the cost of move in (deposit and/or first months rent).

What is Resolution No. 2008-105-120608?

Attached (right) is the resolution regarding the policy to rent a low rent and mutual help home to persons with a conviction of criminal history. 

What if I need help or have questions?

NCIHA staff are happy to help and here to answer any questions! 

Christine De Los Santos – NCIHA Resident Services Dept. Manager – – 707.468.1336 ext. 122 – 707.367.0824 (cell) 

Eliste Diaz – NCIHA Resident Services Specialist – – 707.468.1336 ext. 128 – 707.367.9958 (cell)